William Wood Thackra (director) 1839


William Wood Thackra was a Philadelphia diarist, engraver, amateur actor (he was president and founder of the Euterpean Society) and poet. Not willing to stop at purely entertainment and artful endeavors, he was also a soldier, conveyancer, member of city council, director of public schools and a director of the Mechanics’ Bank. He also had familial ties with William Strickland, being a cousin of Strickland’s wife. His diary, however, is what provided Thackra with his posthumous fame for the historical perspective it provided. It begins with notes on family history and expanding to report on personal, family, public events, and service with Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1st Regiment, 1814, at Camp DuPont, with poems. It was purchased in 1952 and can now be found at the Historical Society of Philadelphia.

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