Stephen North (director) 1817-1818


Stephen North was a pharmacist and early director of the bank. In 1821, the University of Pennsylvania announced that its medical school would establish a pharmacy program, a move that local pharmacists saw as an attempt by physicians to take over their profession. In response, Stephen North chaired a meeting, attended by many of the apothecaries of Philadelphia, where they started their own College of Apothecaries and forced Penn shelved its plans. This institution later became the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and is now the University of the Sciences of Philadelphia.

The school was designed as a place where information beneficial to the trade would be obtained and the qualities of new drugs brought into the market could be investigated. It was furthermore a school of pharmacy in which lectures would be delivered especially for the instruction of those desiring to become druggists and apothecaries. This was the first school of its kind in the country.

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