Jacob Johnson (director) 1816-1819

Printing and Publishing

Jacob Johnson was a printer and publisher who traveled extensively opening branch stores and establishing wholesale accounts with rural store keepers, printers and books sellers making effective headway into country markets. He was partnered with Benjamin Warner publishing children’s books, school books and other consistent sellers. They had a retail store in Philadelphia, but concentrated mostly on their wholesale country accounts. They adhered to the ideal of large sales with lower profits, like most country book sellers at the time. They had hired some salesmen, but for the most part, did the footwork themselves, selling not just familiar titles, but new works and updated schoolbooks. Johnson died in 1819 in Kentucky, on one of his sales trips.

“Preachers, Peddlers, and Publishers: Philadelphia’s Backcountry Book Trade, 1800-1830,” Rosalind Remer, Journal of the Early Republic 14 (1994), pp. 497-522

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Illustration of Jacob Johnson’s Bookstore Window