George Stuart (director) 1879


Born in Ireland in 1816, George Hay Stuart came to America at the tender age of 15 and made his way in Philadelphia. His first business was with the mercantile firm, made by his brothers John, Joseph, James and David which had been established in 1827. Stuart was made a member of the firm and retained an active connection with it until the business was liquidated in 1879.

He was the president of the Mechanics’ Bank for a number of years and around the same time that his business was folding there was a rift among the stockholders relative to the management of the bank. The row ended with many of Stuart’s friends and associates being dismissed so Stuart retired soon after. Almost immediately after, however, Stuart’s friends, among them Postmaster General Wanamaker, started up the Merchant’s Bank and installed Stuart as president.

Stuart was a prominent member of the First Reform Church and one of the most active Christian workers in the country. He was involved in the organization of Philadelphia’s first Y.M.C.A and was elected President of the National Conventions in 1859. He was also appointed by President Grant to a board of commissioners to disburse appropriations to Native Americans. George Stuart died in April, 1890.

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