Frederick Lennig (member) 1845

Chemical Manufacturer

Frederick Lennig and his cousin Charles Lennig had been involved in the manufacture of chemicals since 1819, with Rohm & Haas, where they had been importing chemicals until 1826 when they established their own small plant manufacturing chemicals in Northern Philadelphia. After Nicholas Lennig, who established the Tacony Chemical Works, died, Frederick and his cousin Nicholas inherited the chemical manufacturing plant. They operated in North Philadelphia until about 1842 when the growth of the city caused them to move to Bridesburg, the family summer home, where the plant operated for many more years.

Frederick and Charles were also charter members of the Manufacturing Chemists’ Association and at the Centennial Exposition in 1876, were awarded a medal for “for the products exhibited coming from the distillation of wood, for metallic salts and especially for the careful manufacture of sulfate of alumina and alum.”

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