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“The aids to be derived from the existing Banks cannot but be too limited and too casual to answer fully all the good purposes to which, under special modifications, such Establishments may be made conducive. Conducted as they generally are by men, tho' liberal and enlightened, yet of commercial rather than mechanical pursuits, their information cannot but be imperfect as to the character and credit of persons engaged in occupations entirely different from their own.” - Memorial of the Directors of the Mechanics' Bank of the City and County of Philadelphia to the Pennsylvania State Legislature. January 14, 1812

In 1810, a group of Philadelphian workers, craftsmen and artisans resolved to build a bank that would be made of their money, would cater to their class and would work with them at a time when few other banks would. This bank became the Mechanics' Bank of Philadelphia and later Mechanics' National Bank. This historic Philadelphia landmark was more than just a financial institution though; it was a step forward for a burgeoning middle class. So come explore the history of a Philadelphia overlooked and discover the diverse people, historic buildings and landmark events that made this city what it is today.